Kids Crafts: Making and Decorating a Christmas tree

As part of the Bostik Bloggers group, I received this great bundle of craft materials via Tots100 with the theme of Christmas.

With all the glitter and glimmer which is in my box this month, I knew exactly what we would do with these items that would keep my son busy all afternoon!

Making a Christmas Tree

The first task for the afternoon was to gather sticks to make our tree branches, and with it being a very typical autumn's day, there were lots of twigs, cones and leaves for us to gather.

We needed a base to put our branches on so we decorated an old box with wrapping paper.

preparing a box to make a Christmas Tree base

Wrapped base for placing a Christmas Tree on

Branches to make a Christmas Tree

Each twig was slightly trimmed to make a typical triangle / Christmas tree shape and then covered with pipe cleaners to give a tinsel effect.  These were then glued onto our tree base.

Using Pipe cleaners as tinsel

With Bostik Glu Dots we added a tree pot at the bottom of our branches and then our Christmas Tree was ready for decorating.

Using glu dots to stick foam to paper

Making Christmas Tree Decorations

This is very much the only limitation is your imagination.  Anything and everything can be used to decorate a tree, from foils, glitter glues, confetti, pom poms etc.   We used Bostik's Glu Dots to stick on each of our decorations.

Making paper baubles

pom pom Christmas Lights

Having our tree on a box means we can place it anywhere, but you don't have to have it on a box, it can be just on a board and hung up on a wall, or even have the sticks tied together with string and hung up.  

But here's our finished product, lots of direction from a 5-year-old, who enjoyed the collection of the sticks and the Glu Dots the most.

If you are feeling more adventurous, why not make a Christmas Tree from chicken wire, the finished effect is rather stunning.

Merry Christmas
Christmas Tree Kids Craft


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