Our visit to Kidtropolis

Back in July, I came across Kidtropolis being advertised on my Facebook news feed.  I'm not entirely sure what drew me to look into it further, maybe the name, maybe the fact Bumblebee and Optimus Prime were going to be there, or just the fact it looked like fun!

Kidtropolis is billed as a family event for children aged 12 and under, which was being run over the Autumn half term for 3 days at a fantastic price of £13.50!!  I actually bought early bird tickets so mine only cost me £11.50, which for an event in London - is pretty good going!

We arrived a little after the doors opened at 9.30 and stayed right to the end at 1.30!  That's how much fun my son had!  He can have the attention span of a gnat at some events, but this one had his eyes wide open and his legs running off to each stall and event.

As we walked through the doors of the Excel Centre we were greeted with non-other than Optimus Prime and the Transformers stand.
Visiting Optimus Prime at Kidtropolis

Transformers Remote Controls at Kidtropolis

Transformers at Kidtropolis

That basically set the tone for the morning!

We did so much it's hard to list it all, we played miniature golf, there was a bouncy Helter Skelter and an inflatable assault course which Max challenged his daddy too.  The main stage always had some form of entertainment which worked out well for when Max was queuing.

There were some great characters walking around, we missed the Paw Patrol gang but the fact Max saw Bumblebee more than compensated for that.

Bumblebee at Kidtropolis

Red Angry Bird at Kidtropolis

Skylanders at Kidtropolis

Black Angry Bird at Kidtropolis

Yellow Angry Bird at Kidtropolis

Proud moment of the day goes to Max when he had a race on the Scalextric track and had 3rd fastest lap time, he's 5 and never played on one before - not a bad intro!

First ever Scalextric race

Scalextric scores

There were nerf wars, my little pony attractions, gamer bus and so much more but by far my favourite part of the day - was the roller disco!  Oh, that brought back some fond memories... and back in the day I was a very good skater.... fast forward a few years and a very cheeky 5-year-old acting the clown in them..... and well, this is how our skating section went......

Enjoy :D

We had a really great time, we made the most of being in London and visited the O2 centre as well as Excel via the cable cars, and headed back home at 4pm.

We will definitely be going back next year if Kidtropolis decide to run this again, I do hope they do.

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  1. Sounds amazing fun. My boys would have loved this


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