#BeInspired in 2017 with Cass Art

For those who follow my blog will know my passion lies with upcycling and movies/TV and I usually want to incorporate the two!  So when I was asked by the beautiful Cass Art if I'd like to take part in their 2017 #BeInspired challenge I was very apprehensive.

Be Inspired with Cass Art

There is no doubt in my mind that I can't paint/draw.  I was thinking about this the other day and it stems back to when I was in high school and we had to draw an animal scene!  I drew and painted some very poor safari animals and whilst I had much fun completing this task, my art teacher was horrified.  So much so, he refused to grade it and walked off!


So me being me with a MASSIVE stubborn streak, I refused to draw after that, I can't do it, my teacher knows I can't do it, why even bother!  Which is such a shame as I really enjoyed it, I was rubbish, but up until that day, I didn't care so you can see why I felt the need to alert Cass Art to the fact that 'traditional art and painting' is very much not me!

Cass Art Acrylics

To my delight, this was not an issue and I was sent a beautiful set of Acrylic paints, synthetic brushes and oil & acrylic paper (must admit the paper made me slightly nervous)!

I stepped outside my comfort zone and tested out the paints on the paper - and I enjoyed it, I'm still rubbish, and maybe not quite ready to share with you all what goes on this paper!  But I enjoyed just letting the brush flow, granted it was superhero colours that went on my pad, but it's so relaxing!  The brushes are better than any that I have and cover the paper so well, the paint just glides on, you can tell this is a quality product and not something you'd purchase cheaply from a high street store.

For 2017 I plan to teach myself to paint, or at least not be afraid to paint.  I look at those who I know can paint such as the talented Sharon and Kay who's work I follow on Instagram, my cousin and my partner are also amazing artists and who I can only dream to aspire to be like.

For now, for January and the start of Cass Art's #BeInspired campaign - I've used what I know to inspire me.  With these beautiful paints, I've used nature's stones and shells from my local beach as my medium and the frosty cold winter colours of blue and white to cover them.

I feel it's quite basic, but I love how acrylic covers stones, and for me, I need something basic to start this journey!

Be Inspired by nature and winter colours

Do you paint?  Do you find inspiration in nature, experiences or people?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, and maybe join me in 2017 #BeInspired challenge.


  1. Sounds a great idea challenging yourself to learn to paint. My drawing has always been rubbish. I'm not bothered by it, but I'm toying with the idea of a totally different challenge. I've never learnt to ride a bike and am considering that maybe now is the time to give it a try

    1. I think you should do it, we're never to old to learn a new skill. I've bought a book to help me drawer, and I've also decided to learn to juggle - just for a bit of fun. I can do 3 bean bags and 4 throws so far lolol


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