Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

Review of Little Brian's Paint Sticks

We were given the opportunity recently to try out a new brand's painting product - Little Brian's Paint Sticks and below is a summary of what the Paint Sticks are and what we thought of the product.

What is Little Brian Paint Sticks?

Little Brian Paint Sticks provide a clean and convenient way to paint with no need for water or the mess that comes with it.  The solid paint sticks twist up and down, like a glue stick, and allow vivid colours to be transferred directly onto surfaces like canvas, wood, paper, card and even glass drying within minutes of use.

What we thought of Little Brian's Paint Sticks

These bold bright colours in short thick stick form are great for little fingers to wrap around and get a good grip onto, which, to be fair is what you want, seeing as at the end of the day - these are paints, and whilst there is minimal mess, we don't need them slipping out of tiny hands.
Little hands holding Little Brian Paint Sticks

I found these paints seem to go onto the mediums we used a bit like crayons, the way they roll and colour the card or shell in this instance, but as you look at the colour it is quite clear the effect paints and needs time to dry.

Pink Paint Sticks

green paint sticks

My son loves painting, and I don't restrict him from using his paints but it is a bit of an ordeal setting up the back room for him, by the time we've put the cover on the table, filled the pots up with paint, got the water, brushes and card out - he's lost interest and off building Lego!

So to have the paints out and in the front room no less, was a very excited son!

We had the painting cloth down and we only needed the sticks and various materials to paint on to set up.  This meant my son's attention span was still on painting, and if I'm honest, we sat and painted shells, cones, card, foam and polystyrene shapes for at least 45 minutes!

Prep time for paint sticks - minimal!

Prep time for paint sticks - minimal!

Little Brian pride themselves that "Paint Sticks are compactly packed and are ideal for handbags and travel bags and can be put away as easily as they are pulled out"  and they are spot on!  It took seconds to tidy up, no washing the brushes or pots, minimal washing for Max so we could move on to the next activities in no time.

These great little paints can be purchased from Amazon and independent stocks in both a six pack and twelve for just £4.99 and £7.25 respectively.

I'm really pleased with these great little products, a great way to enjoy painting without the mess.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian have great paint sticks for youngsters as seen on

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  1. what a great product. Miss T always asking to paint but i can't often stand the mess! happy new year x

  2. Haven't tried this brand but we've got a couple of similar PlayColor ones and they are ideal. Mess free painting

    1. They're great aren't they! I have no issues getting the paints out now


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