The Pirate Craft Book Review & Giveaway

I have a fantastic book to review thanks to GMC distribution and the authors from Little Button Diaries; The Pirate Craft Book.

Win a copy of The Pirate Craft Book

I am very excited to try out all 15 pirate themed projects that are shown in great detail in this book!   Each challenge has a description of the project, a list of items that you will need and step by step instructions complete with pictures.   Authors Laura Minter & Tia Williams really has thought of everything to help you and your children achieve the desired pirate effect.

How to make a Pirate Telescope

Now, there is an 'easy-sew' project and a treasure chest cake - both tasks are my nemesis in the crafting world, but with my son's help I'm sure the cake .... no I'm not sure at all but it's worth a try, be sure to follow my Instagram just in case the cake appears on there....

All the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy to source materials - this is very much in keeping with our lifestyle and as such Max and I were able to make the First Mate's Telescope!

First Mate's Telescope Craft

About The Pirate Craft Book

The Pirate Craft Book can be purchased from from April, and is the latest in craft books from authors Laura Minter & Tia Williams, the book will retail at £6.99 (ISBN 9781784943288).

The following video shows the book and the telescopes that we made, and what I thought of the book.

The Pirate Craft Book Giveaway

I'm extremely pleased to be able to offer my lovely readers a chance to win a copy of the above book!  Not only that, but you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning as the lovely publishers GMC Publications have 3 of these craft books to give away!

So just fill in 1, some or all of the rafflecopter options below to be in with a chance of winning this super pirate craft book - perfect for the one of many dress up days for school if nothing else!

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I received a copy of The Pirate Craft Book to review
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over products received.


  1. Making an R2D2 costume for my son out of a plastic bin!

  2. me and my daughter made some candles together they smelt lovely!

  3. Me and my daughter made a castle once it was amazing

  4. Making a darlek costume for world book day

  5. this book looks fab and so much fun! My proudest crafting moment is probably making little cardboard broomsticks with miss T last week when she wanted to do harry potter themed crafts!

  6. My Son's Christmas parade hat was pretty epic

  7. I am the world's least crafty person but since having my little boy I have started to enjoy it on his level - we recently made a boat out of various recycling stuff for school and had loads of fun doing it!

  8. Knitting my son's baby blanket.

  9. Making regular clothes that fit!

  10. Victoria HallMarch 25, 2017

    A knitted a scarf whilst pregnant

  11. hali kinsonMarch 25, 2017

    knitted a quilt for my newborn

  12. Making my little girl's first Easter bonnet

  13. Making blanket for my boys

  14. Making a Victorian style rag doll for my daughter which she loved and has now been passed on to my granddaughter :)

  15. My little girl and I made her easter bonnet this year it looked fab if I do say so myself and she won first prize . So very proud of it as it made my little girl very happy and we had great fun making it

  16. Made a pretty dress for my daughters doll

  17. making a fairy town for my daughter xx


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