Easter Home Decor products with TK Maxx

Easter Home Decor with TKMaxx

Well, Spring has finally sprung and with it are some beautiful Home Decor pieces from TKMaxx.  As always the gems are there to be found, sometimes slightly hidden away or tucked behind another product but there is always something for every taste.

With the run-up to Easter, I popped into my local TKMaxx to have a look at their new Spring and Easter range, and I kicked myself for walking around without a basket!  What was I thinking!

I've put together some of my favourite products from the Kids' room range, and you'll see straight away why I love these!

Framed Superhero Wall Art at TKMaxx

Also, for some unknown reason, I adore these hooks!  Do you think it's because they're showing off their bums?

Wooden Animal Coat Hook Rail
TKMaxx Wooden Animal Coat Hook Rail £8.00

I was also spoilt for choice with regard to Easter decorations.  In the end, I chose this lovely Butterfly plate, purely to hold all the chocolate that we'll receive over Easter.  Who am I kidding, like chocolate lasts long enough to have a dish in my house!  That's like having a biscuit barrel......

For the day, my plate has held some dark chocolate eggs, which to my delight no one else in the house likes!  These are being watched over by my lovely Rabbit Egg ornament and the wooden egg decorations at a bargain price of £1.99 - I think I'd have bought more if I'd found them in the shop!

Easter Eggs at TKMaxx

But for me, the perfect item I found in TKMaxx for Easter was this wonderful plaque - it will most definitely need to have a special place on the wall, isn't it just fab!

I find TKMaxx is a great shop for new stock turnover and reasonably priced products and is one of my favourite places to have a rummage whilst the boys are in the toy shop next door - and it's usually the boys that finish shopping first!

I'd love to hear about any great finds you've found for Easter, besides chocolate eggs of course....

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