Craft: How I made my Harry Potter potions

Anyone who is on my Facebook or Twitter account would have seen over the past week I have spammed both with my potion bottles - I'm not sorry, I love them and still have empty bottles at home......

Harry Potter Potion Bottles
Harry Potter Potion Bottles

The bottles come from various car boot sales averaging around 50p each.  The love potion is actually a perfume bottle (and my favourite).

I bought some Florabase Natural Raffia from Hobbycraft which cost me £2.59 and used it to decorate the necks of the bottles

The labels are from

The "potion" itself is just water with food colouring in (so much fun with these)!

And that's it!

Several sizes later and I have my potion bottles ready for Halloween - and I think they can just live in the kitchen after that :)

Harry Potter Potion Bottles


  1. they look AMAZING! perfect halloween props. ooh this is totally getting me in the halloween mood :)

    1. Thank you, I'm tempted to do 'adult alcoholic' ones hehe

  2. Thank you, these are very easy but slightly addictive to do :D


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