Lets talk about the Brackenheath ispot Blade Lamp


Ormrod has the most fantastic desk lamps on their website, and I've been fortunate enough to be sent the Brackenheath ispot blade lamp to review, and I love it!

Brackenheath ispot blade lamp

The lamp comes in either white or black finish and currently retails for £37.62 on the Ormrod website.

It has a lot of features!  From 180° rotational lamp head, adjustable lamp arm, dimmable via touch control and adjustable colour temperatures, to name a few, with the added selling point for this lamp of a USB port!

What I thought of the ispot leaf desk lamp

One of my favourite features of this lamp is the USB charge!  I, like most people, have my phone on charge at night on my bedside table.  So along with the light and other electronics, my connector is pretty full, so the fact that I can now do away with my charger pleases me no end!

My phone is now charged each night by my light!  Pretty nifty addition and I think a great one!

Let's talk about the light!

It has several colour temperature settings which are controlled via touch control across the base of the light with warm white at 3000k to daylight at 6500k, very easy to operate and need the slightest of touches.

I like this feature, I like being able to set the tone of the room, it works similar to a dimmer switch, and some days, we don't want our lamp as bright as our main or we may need a bit of extra light for close up work.

The finish of the lamps are very slick and with their slim design, these are very stylish and will fit in any room or workplace.  The fact that you can rotate the head and move the arm makes them very versatile and flexible to use.

I've been using mine for a couple weeks now and I don't have any bad comments to make on this.  The only slight issue, and it's not really an issue at all is it can take me a while to find the power icon, but that's because I'm in bed and still getting used to the lamp location itself!

If you're looking for a new desk lamp, night light, work lamp, etc. I would highly recommend the Brackenheath ispot.  Regardless of your use of this lamp, I feel you would be able to find a setting you'd need.  I'd be really surprised if you didn't.

I'm really pleased with this lamp and feel the future of lamps is here.

I received a desk lamp from Ormrod to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received

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