Drawing Cartoons Letter by Letter - Book Review

Learn to draw cartoons from the letters of the alphabet

I make no secret of the fact I can't draw, but in reality, I've just never really studied drawing and expected it to just come to me.  I'm not gifted like that, I can't just visualise and draw.  I struggle to repeat what I see in front of me onto a piece of paper!

BUT, that being said, I can draw a cartoon face and I can draw a dog (the infamous man who jumps into a pond)!  These two images were taught to me when I was a youngster, both had a story to go with the image, and I guess this is why I remember them so well and can still to this day draw them.

Using the letter I as a base to draw a cartoon girl

My thoughts on Drawing Cartoons Letter by Letter

When I saw this brilliant book by Christopher Hart titled Drawing Cartoons Letter by Letter I knew this was a book that I wanted to own and have my son flick through and try.  Not because I want him to be a fantastic artist (although that would be amazing), but because I want him to draw the letter U and be able to draw a computer geek from it or draw the letter F and make a pretty lady from it.

Why?  because it's fun!  I love drawing my cartoon face and my cartoon dog when doodling, I'd draw more if I had the sequence, know-how and story to do them, and with the help of our new book, we'll be able to draw more.

Learning to draw cartoons from letters, but first learning how to draw the letters

About Drawing Cartoons Letter by Letter

Christopher Hart takes his hugely successful 'Drawing Shape by Shape' series into a new dimension - and the fun starts with simple, basic letters and numbers. Step by step, Hart’s clever tutorials show how to turn an A into a clunky robot, a B into a buzzing bee, a C into a chomping dinosaur and so on. These inventive cartoon characters are a cinch to draw with Chris’s easy-to-follow instructions and a great way to engage children with letters, numbers and art. Every letter of the alphabet appears in both upper and lower case, and so do numbers zero to nine.

Drawing cartoons from letters how to draw a know it all from the letter h
ISBN 9781942021537  –  Paperback concealed spiral bound  –  £12.99
Does anyone else know the story of the man who jumps in a pond because he was surrounded by bees?  I just had a look on youtube and it appears to be quite popular!  No idea how this originated back when I was a lass, we didn't have "Tinternet" then.......

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