How to Create Colour Harmony in Your Home


Colour harmony represents the perfect balance of a multitude of colours.  When designing a place it is important to take these tips into consideration.  Often people believe that they can spot which colours go well together, but the end result is not always a very nice one.  A place that has a good colour harmony should be pleasing to the eye.  Experts tell us that there are certain combinations of colours that people find aesthetically pleasing.  Therefore, when decorating a place, it is good to try and consider those colour combinations.

Furthermore, a place that is balanced from all points of view makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. You can simply create a look that has a good sense of unity in a simple manner.  The following tips might help you find the best colour harmony for your place.

Rely on a Family of Colours

Every individual is in love with colour.  Many people have no idea that each and every one of us responds to colour in different ways.  In order to create harmony and balance in your place, you could choose a palette that complements perfectly the other colours with the help of a colour chart.  This is a very simple and efficient way of creating your own contemporary combinations even without a lot of knowledge in this field.

Experts advise us not to restrict our designs to a single colour on the wall. People can make their own patterns by using different tones. The colour blue represents calm, tranquillity and peace, which are great characteristics for any bedroom.  Like already mentioned before, you don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to creativity.

Add Neutral Elements 

Adding neutral colours in home decorating is a very common practice. Although many people consider neutral elements to be boring, others prefer having a simple and classy living space.  First of all, people need to remember that neutral coloured elements (white, black, brown, cream, beige, etc.) can be easily combined with anything.  This is an important advantage that provides versatility in decorating.

However, a room that is decorated in just neutral elements can lack that “interesting” factor. A good way of making it more pleasing to the eye is by adding a few bright-coloured items to the room.  You could opt for a beige carpet in contrast with a bright-coloured wall. Big Warehouse Sale offers a variety of beige carpets, which can be a good base for a modernly decorated living space.

Let the Colours Flow 

Even though it might seem like a good plan to use different tones on a single wall, it is vital to make those colours flow subtly.  A very good tip, in this case, would be introducing a subtle change of colour as you work your way to the top of the room.  While darker tones tend to have a grounding effect, lighter ones become more “airy” and natural. The Feng Shui art tells us that green is the colour of fresh energy, regeneration and renewal.  If one thinks about it, that could be a great colour palette for either a bedroom or a living room. 

There are so many colour palettes that you could “play with” when redecorating your home.  Don't be afraid to experiment and get out of your comfort zone when it comes to creating the perfect colour harmony in your home.

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