The fun we had with My First Scalextric

With his parents as petrol heads is it any wonder that Max has just received his First Scalextrix Set?

His first experience with Scalextric was last year at Kidtropolis, and for his age and the setup he was using he did really well, so I was really pleased to review his own, age-appropriate set.

My First Scalextric Set Up

The set up is very straightforward, and that's what you want!  In fact, I managed to set this up in the 10 minutes he was out the house.  The track, whilst it comes with instructions is rather easy to set up, admittedly I looked for numbers on the back ( as with his train set) but then realised the track is coloured, the track is a figure eight and if you follow the colours it can only go one way.

What's in the box for My First Scalextric

Figure 8 My First Scalextric Set
Whilst the power cable is a good length the two controller leads are not so long, so you need to sit near to the track and each other, something my son took a while to appreciate as he kept trying to wander off with his controller in his hand, and therefore the track followed.

My First Scalextric control and car

About My First Scalextric

A great introduction to the world of Scalextric racing for kids 3+, featuring an easy to assemble figure of eight track.

The rally cars and adjustable power hand-controllers are colour coded in red and yellow to match chevrons on the circuit.  Scalextric Magnatraction technology helps to keep the cars on the track, and variable hand-controllers allow the speed of racing to be adjusted depending on skill levels.

Best of all, the set is fully compatible with the Micro Scalextric range of sets and cars, allow you to extend your track and add new cars - the possibilities are endless.

Our thoughts on My First Scalextric

I mentioned above that the hand controllers are variable to allow for the speed of the racers.

I am rubbish!

My son took around 5-7 minutes to get the cars to go round the tracking without coming off on the bend.  His father cracked it straight away, me, I'm still sending that yellow car into the bookcase!
Starting them young racing with My First Scalextric

As I appear to send the cars flying I soon lost interest in racing and the boys took over.  This is not specific to this track, I can't keep the cars on any Scalextric track - in fact thinking about it, Thomas sometimes has a wobble on the train tracks too....

It was great to watch the boys playing, it would appear that my son is rather competitive and really enjoyed the racing.

Due to the size of the track and the ease of putting it together as well as away, this is a track that will come out often, and can even stay out without taking up too much space.

My First Scalextric is a great size for keeping the track out

My First Scalextric Benefits

As well as being a great bit of racing fun, this Scalextric set boasts of hand/eye coordination, manual dexterity, risk-reward thinking, face to face interaction, 3 dimensional and motor skill development.

A lot of plus points for the young racer in your family.

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