An Evergreen Garden For An Ever Thoughtful Homeowner

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Spring might be on the way, but the UK is still in the icy grasp of winter. For humans, it’s not a big deal barring the inevitable snowstorm panic. We can sit inside, keep warm, and stick it out until the weather turns. Plants and flowers aren’t as fortunate as they are subject to harsh conditions all year around. Lots of homeowners will just let them die and start afresh in a new season. But, that’s not good enough for gardening junkies. They want their gardens to sparkle with colour all year round. If you are one of these people, here are the things to consider.

Pick ‘Doer’ Plants

There are evergreen flowers that never lose their shades, hence the name. But, they aren’t as pretty and don’t stand out as much as regular plants. Of course, flowers are a lot more fragile, and that is a huge problem. The good news is that there is vegetation which is robust and beautiful at the same time. The ones which stand out are violas and forget-me-nots. Everyone knows about the colours, but what they don’t know is that they are frost-resistant. Winter plants also compete well for nutrients and space in a crowded garden.

Seed Strategically

Plants are resistant to winter weather, but they’re not immune. If there is snow, the chances are high they won’t survive. That is why you have to be clever and think about the timing. It’s now January, and the worst of the winter weather is in the past. February won’t be warm and bright by any means, but it’ll be wet and windy as opposed to freezing cold. As a result, bulbs have a better chance of flowering now than any time during the winter. Don’t forget that they might not look their best, but that will change in time.

Fake Over Real

Landscaping is popular because a stone is almost impossible to destroy. It takes years for erosion to take place, and even then it isn’t guaranteed. Some people find bricks and rocks too crude and boring, which is why they stick with turf. But, the lawn doesn’t have to be real. The LazyLawn artificial grass is a fantastic alternative because it looks and feels legitimate. Because it’s faux, though, it doesn’t need as much maintenance work during the colder months. Indeed, the artificial turf can look just as green when it is left for a couple of days.

Place It Right

Gardens have natural blockers and shelters which are essential as they provide security. A tree is one example, as is a shed or a large fence. Of course, they are no use if the plants are on the other side of the garden. To avoid leaving them vulnerable, try and place them as close to the natural shelters as possible. Be wary of trees as their roots are aggressive, and the same goes for weeds. Another option is to build a man-made cover.

Ultimately, an evergreen garden relies on placement, timing, and a mixture of real and fake.

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