A Lady has the Floor - a children's book for the next generation

This week marks the 101 anniversary of Belva Lockwood's death.  Belva died on 19th May 1917 at the ripe old age of 87.
The lady has the floor is a lovely new children's book featuring Belva Lockwood

Who was Belva Lockwood and why is she relevant to a children's book review?

Belva Lockwood spent her entire life fighting for equal rights, not just for women but for all people.  Her clients were often outsiders - widows, veterans, Native Americans, former slaves - who like Belva had been denied their rights.

A Lady Has The Floor is a children's book telling the story of Belva Lockwood and how she became the first female member of the bar of the U.S Supreme court and to go on and become the first woman to launch a viable presidential campaign.
A lady has the floor is a lovely illustrated children's book on the life of Belva Lockwood
ISBN: 9781629794532 / Publisher: Boyd Mills Press / Price £16.99 / Pub Date: March 2018
The story is beautifully illustrated and starts from when Belva was a little girl chasing stray cows!  A young bright-eyed and dirty-faced child.

As the story progresses, the passion from the author comes through and you really feel the negativity Belva constantly faces through life.  From being paid half of her fellow male teachers are paid to being told no time and again when wanting to go to law school!

The struggles continue through her life and when running a campaign for the presidency the opponents got busy!  The men would parade the streets in bonnets and gowns making fun of Belva.  This page really frustrated me, and bothered me so much at what is effectively bullying someone for daring to speak up!  A great discussion point for your children.

The book leaves you feeling in awe of Belva.  A book to inspire young girls that anything is possible and what our ancestors went through and are still going through for women to have equal rights, but also, a book for boys to read and to understand how difficult it was for women to be seen as equals, and through our next generation of bookworms, we can help all have equal rights.

So America - Now is the time for your first female president!  Make Belva Lockwood and the many inspirational women who have come after her proud.

I love this book!

Belva Lockwood was Brave, Strong and Determined

I received A Lady has the Floor to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.

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  1. Yours is the second review I've read about this book. But I have to say that I had never heard of Belva Lockwood. She certainly sounds inspiring


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