Making A Splash: Bathroom Design Ideas To Stand Out

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It can often be one of the smallest rooms in the house, a private space where you relax, unwind from the care of the day, and quite literally wash your worries away.  But size doesn’t mean that your bathroom can’t have personality.  An impact design is a huge selling point for a house and gives you a sense of unparalleled luxury as well.  So if you want to steer away from boring beige and plain tiling, here’s how to begin…

Plan Your Space Wisely

The most important thing is to design a layout that makes the most of the space you have available.  Use the process to turn potential negatives into a design feature.  For instance, if adding a bath and a shower will be a squeeze, why not scrap the bath and create an oversized wet-room enclosure instead, with luxurious tiled seating, multiple water outlets, and recessed alcoves to hold toiletries - you can even have ones that double as a steam room!  Better to do one thing really well than have everything mediocre.  Similarly, if your bathroom is an en-suite and it's an awkward shape, some stunning showers can be built into the eaves with integrated Velux windows that make you feel as if you’re showering under the stars.

Add A Statement Piece

Design impact can be achieved by focusing on details that really add the wow factor to an otherwise plain room.  Think about going for a striking stone bath, or natural stone tiling with a bold pattern across the floor.  You could opt for a bold countertop sink and get creative about what it’s mounted on, such as a solidly carved oak cabinet for a look that fuses the best modern amenities with heritage pieces.  Patterned wallpaper can also go a long way to giving your bathroom a unique look - choose one that makes a statement, and use it on one wall to define the mood of the room.

Go For Rich Colours

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be predominantly white, these are great spaces to try out a hint of colour.  From a zingy orange to a smoky, midnight blue, the expanse of white provided by your suite will balance deeper hues used elsewhere.  Dark colours can make a room look romantic and glamorous, especially when paired with offbeat copper fittings.  You could even opt for metallic paint to turn your smallest space into a luxurious jewel box.  It’s the perfect place to expand your comfort zone a little.

Add Accessories

A few essential accessories can have a huge impact too - from the right lighting to an oversized mirror with an ornate frame.   Marble toothbrush holders and soap dispensers give a classic look or opted for mirrored or mercury glass bathroom accessories to give a deluxe vintage vibe.  Fluffy towels displayed on a vintage wooden ladder can also look very chic, and how about some lidded glass containers to beautifully house functional essentials such as cotton wool pads and cotton buds?  Think outside the box when it comes to storage, and you’ll soon have a standout room.

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