My Summer 2018 Must Watch list

I think I'm finally coming to terms with Avengers - Infinity Wars now!  We watched this movie the only way that this one could be watched for us - at the iMax in 3D.  MASSIVE screen, 3D and sounds to make you feel like Iron Man is whispering in your ear!   Only to have your heart ripped out at the end... *should that be a spoiler alert?*

I'm now ready to see what's new in the cinema at normal 2D screenings and what new releases are coming out on DVD to watch at home, and just because you are watching at home doesn't mean you can't get the cinema experience!  With OLED Panasonic TVs, cinematic viewing just came home!

Deadpool 2 - Having seen the first film, we all know this one is going to be just as amusing!  From the trailer where he's calling Josh Brolin "One-Eyed Willie", that had me sold!

I'm not fussed over Ant-Man and Venom to watch on the big screen, so I'm happy to wait for both of those to come on DVD or digital download and watch at home.

But a must later on in the year is Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Against Grindelwald.    As a massive Harry Potter fan, just the thought of watching this in November is exciting!!  I loved Fantastic Beasts, I love the era it was set, and I'm positive Crimes Against Grindelwald will not disappoint!

For the small screens the second season of 13 Reasons Why is now out on Netflix, I need time!  I need to binge-watch this in a weekend!   This is an intense, serious series that tackles teenage suicide! 

Rain.  I've no idea what this is about, but I've had several people recommend this to me now, so I can't ignore it any longer.  I'm going to allow myself a couple of hours in case this one also turns into a series I need to binge-watch!

And finally, Safe.  This stars Michael C. Hall, and as a huge Dexter fan, I'm really interested to see him in a new role, one in which he takes on an English accent!  He plays the part of a widower whose teenage daughter goes missing, and in his search to find her, unearths the dark secrets of those closest to him!

This one I think I can watch in bursts, and I don't need to binge!

So, in amongst working, time out for summer holidays with the family and crafting, I think I've just about got time for all of the above!

What summer watching am I missing?

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  1. I hardly ever seem to get to the cinema as my other half mostly takes the boys when I'm working, so I've missed out on Avengers. They also saw Solo and Dog Show without me recently. But I shall definitely insist on seeing Fantastic Beasts2.


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