Activities In The Garden During Summer

Certains things you can do in summer that you just can’t in the other seasons.  It may be hot and annoying at times, but if you stay hydrated by drinking enough water and putting on sunscreen, there’s not too much else that can bother you.

It's also a great time to be outside, and explore things.  A garden is full of awesome things you can do, it's not just a lawn that needs to be mowed.  The family should be outside more in the summer, the days are longer and there’s more time in the day for each other. 

Kids especially love going outside.  If not for the sun, for the vibrant colours of summer and wildlife that comes to life. Insects and bugs they’ve never laid eyes on, appear out of nowhere.  Bright orange and white butterflies, grasshoppers, and sapphire beetles litter the garden.

It's also a great time for adults to take it easy and rather than cook inside the hot stuffy kitchen, take the meat and vegetables outside to be grilled.

An oasis paradise 

Want to get your kids to pay attention to wildlife more? Get them involved in a DIY project to build an oasis for butterflies.  Just like us, butterflies feel the heat and get sapped of energy.  That’s why sometimes you see them hovering around the ground when they should be wafting around flowers and tree branches.

Take a simple flat disc, it could be a garden plant pot plate, an actual dinner plate, or just something that is circular and has lifted edges.  Create sugar solution that could be maple syrup or just plain sugar granules.  Mix it with water, and pour it into the plate.

Place this plate on a platform raised off the ground.  If at all possible, place it in the shade but not totally away from the garden such as a corner.  Butterflies will come to the paradise you’ve created because the sugar solution gives them energy and they can drink while out of the sun’s gaze. Get the children involved.  It's simple and quick but the reward is big.

Snacks for children 

Barbecues are done by adults, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be for children.  Of course, you should cook food for the adults when you have a get-together.  However, children might like the big portions and the flavours of traditional bbq food.  Instead, you can make them snacks for children, such as hot dog spirals, mini burgers, and charred fruit and vegetable skewers without the sharp point.

Modern gas barbecues are easy to use, as they merely function like a normal stove or oven would. Bonfire models are made from stainless steel so if you leave them outside without a tarp to cover them, they won’t rust.  Very simple to get to grips with, you can make all kinds of food with them. The controls may be easy to use but they’re precise so you can cook fruit and meat at various points without having to change the overall temperature.

Summer activities for children are usually the ones they get the most excited for.  Wildlife can be helped and brought closer to children so they can experience them up close.  Making food for children on barbecues should be something that is easy and creative.

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