Handbag sized childrens books released in the month of April

I have been very fortunate to be sent a few books in the last couple of weeks which are absolutely perfect handbag size reading and learning materials, ideal for when you're on the move with your children.

Toddler board books

Kate Endle and Casper Babypants have published new board books in April 2018 which are the perfect size for small hands, with light board pages, this makes it easier for toddlers to turn the pages follow the words and pictures on each page and enjoying the crazy world of animals.
Ocean Motions - ISBN: 978163217313.  Price £8.99.  Publisher: Sasquatch.  Pub. April 2018
Penguin on a Scooter - ISBN: 9781632171306.  Price £8.99.  Publisher: Sasquatch.  Pub. April 2018

Ocean Motions is a lovely visual book of the sea animals and fishes getting up to all sorts of fun, such as Jellies gently jiggling to Crabby crabs creeping.  A simple, well-described fun book for any any toddler to enjoy.

Penguin on a Scooter is along the same lines as Ocean Motions but describes the crazy antics of the animals on land with little messages along the way such as "Nothing is as nice as thank-you notes from mice" to "Nothing is much greater than a smiling alligator".

Highlights Brilliant Riddle Puzzles

Pack Your Suitcase - Author: Highlights - ISBN: 9781629799254.  Price £4.99.  Pub. April 2018
Fantastic Creature - Author: Highlights - ISBN: 9781629799247.  Price £4.99.  Pub. April 2018

These riddle puzzle books are fantastic!  Not only does my 6-year-old son love them so much I've had to buy the other 2 books in the series, but both myself and my partner love them too, and one of these books kept us busy all the way to London last week.  (That's an hour and a half train ride for us).

These books have images hidden within the picture story and some of these take an age to find, then once you get over the pressure of finding a toothbrush in amongst the wizard's crazy room....... you then have a riddle to solve.

These, are fantastic!  My son took one of these books into school and all the children gathered round in the playground before the bell went to help find the items.  To the point we've even had a couple of parents ask us where to purchase them from!

I highly recommend these riddle books, they are fun for all the family!

As for the wizard picture above, can you see the comb too......

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