3 Reasons Why Online Degrees Are The Future

Getting a degree is one of the best ways to open up job opportunities for yourself and for young people, going to university is a great opportunity to get out and experience life on their own for the first time.  But if you’re looking at retraining later in life, even the best universities might not be the right fit for you.  If you’ve got a family to support and a mortgage to play, taking time out of work to go back into education full time just isn’t an option. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t improve your job prospects though, you could do an online degree instead.  People often have the wrong idea about online degrees and think that they aren’t as good as a traditional degree but that’s not true.  Here are 3 reasons why online degrees are great.

You’ve Got More Choice

When you’re going to a university to get your degree, you’re often limited by the choice of courses on offer.  If you can’t find a university that suits you and also offers the course that you want to do, you might have to make sacrifices on one or the other.  But being able to do the degree from home means you can pick pretty much any course that you want.  You’ve got all of the standard courses in English, Maths, Science etc. but you can also do more specific career-focused degrees like an MSW degree online.  You don’t have to find a balance between the university and the course, you can do whatever course you like without any limitations.  There are also a lot of courses that are exclusively online that you won’t be able to find at a normal university.

You Can Work At The Same Time

This is a big one, especially as the cost of going to university is so massive these days.  If you’re paying all of your fees and living costs and you aren’t working, you’ll struggle to get by.  You can get loans, of course, but you’ll come out the other side with a huge pile of debt as well as a degree.  But if you do an online degree, you can do it in your spare time while you’re still working.  Not having to bear that financial burden is a huge help for a lot of people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to get a degree.

Employers Love It

When you’re applying for a job and an employer sees that you’ve done an online degree, it’ll really give you a leg up on the competition.  It shows that you’re dedicated, you can work independently and you’re willing to put the work in to constantly improve yourself.  Somebody that is always looking for new opportunities to better themselves and make themselves a more effective employee is far more likely to get the job.

Don’t let people tell you that online degrees aren’t as valuable as traditional ones.  A degree is a degree at the end of the day and they’re a lot better suited to people that are retraining in later life.

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