Getting the kids involved with Tour De France inspired crafts

This month's Bostik Blogger challenge theme is Tour De France.  Bostik is one of the sponsors, so it makes perfect sense for their blogger craft team to show off their crafts in relation to cycling and/or Tour De France.

For this challenge, we had a rummage in our craft supplies which were sent to us from Craft Merrily and our reuse/recycle pot and found some spare CDs which we had left over from when we created our garden dragon and decided to make another garden piece, after all, CD discs make perfect wheels!

The materials we used to make the bicycle wind chime were:

Paper Straws
Embroidery thread
Dolly pegs with stands
Charms/metal items to chime
Bostik Glu Dots and glue

Now, even though I see bikes every day, and I can even ride one!!  I can not, for the life of me, remember what the frame is like!  I ended up on google and looked up a bike template!  I know that sounds crazy but sometimes you know what something looks like until you have to describe it in detail!

Anyway, I got the template and the paper straws to create the bicycle frame.   I used the Bostik glue to hold the joins together and found the Glu Dots worked well as a temporary hold until the glue had set.

We have various watch pieces, metal keys and charms from our steampunk crafts to use as chimes, and threaded these along the embroidery thread and hung them off the frame and the dolly pegs which were holding the wheels in place.

Once the glue was dry and the frame was set we hung our new bicycle wind chimes out in the garden, outside Max's shed. I've spaced our threads a wee bit too far apart for them to chime all the time, but when the wind catches it, it not only chimes but moves the bicycle round too.  Not what I was aiming for, but a nice surprise none the less.

I think this would be a great little outdoor craft, perfect for summer.

Disclaimer:  I'm part of +Tots100 Bostik Bloggers team.  
I am sent a selection of craft materials FOC from Craft Merrily to create my projects.

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