Tote bags, a great way to learn how to use a sewing machine

Now I'm getting a bit more confident with my sewing, I've been flicking through my fat quarter books to find some 'quick projects' to make at the weekends.

I have quite a few Star Wars fat quarter pieces so I decided as my bestie was getting a Star Wars wedding wreath, I'd make her a tote bag to store some of her keepsake pieces in too.

This bag was made slightly different to the bags that I currently own, and actually has a box-shaped base to it.  It was a bit of a faff if I'm honest and something I'll need to keep practising to try and make these perfect.

Also, whilst the top looks pretty with the inner lining of the bag showing above the handles - it's not practical.  The minute I placed something inside the bag that came down, well it would, it's the lining.  I think the bag is more for show than use.

So when another friend gave me the legs of her jeans as fabric, I decided to try and make another bag, as I did enjoy making the SW bag a lot, and most of all I'm proud of the handles.  I know that might sound a bit crazy, but the edges were sewn rather close and in line!

I kept the pocket design from the SW bag and used up my, glow-in-the-dark, Day of the Dead material.  My son thought I'd cut the pockets off my jeans

I decided against the lining this time, so gave the bag a trim AFTER I'd put the handles on, still a bit of a faff.  I seem to like to make things difficult for myself, but I put all the 'faff' down to learning curves.

I cheated on this one too and left the boxed floor out, I need to practice those on spare pieces or something I'm going to keep for myself first.

Anyway, I rather love this bag, and so did my friend's daughter, fortunately, I have another leg, so I'm going to make one for my friend too, probably without a boxed shape base!

Every piece of clothing to me is a piece of fabric these days.


Tote bags are quick and easy makes from old clothes.

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