How to make Paper Stockings for Christmas

With the run-up to Christmas, it comes as no surprise the Bostik Blogger theme this month is Christmas.  With the cold nights drawing in, what better way to get into the Spirit of Christmas than to join in with some Christmas Crafts.

Armed with our box of goodies we decided to make Christmas Stockings to hang across the mantlepieces.  Our fireplace holds an electric fire so it is perfectly safe for us to do, obviously, no paper decorations should be hung that close to an open fire or block vents.

Materials used to make Paper Stockings

* Ribbon
* Mixed Christmas craft materials
* Papers
* Stocking Template
* Bostik Glu

How to make Paper Stockings

Print off a template from the internet, there are many to choose from with a quick Google search.   I picked two different sizes and made sure both were smaller than A4.

After cutting out the stocking shapes on the relevant cards and papers, this is where the fun starts - get decorating.  As you can see, my 7-year-old went into great detail decorating the 2 smaller stockings and thoroughly enjoyed using scissors and lots of glue.

Once the glue and glitter were dry we used our ribbon and small pegs and hung them up over the mantlepiece.

This is a great little craft project that doesn't take much longer than an hour but I think the results are rather fabulous, don't you?

How to make beautiful Christmas decorations with the children - by

Disclaimer:  I'm part of +Tots100 Bostik Bloggers team.  
I am sent a selection of craft materials FOC from Craft Merrily to create my projects.

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  1. This looks lovely. I remember when I was about 12, I decided to make all our family including grandparents an Xmas stocking. They looked a right odd assortment once I had finished sewing, but it's the thought that counts


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