Why do garden centers always have the best Christmas decorations?

I'm not knocking the special 'pop up' shops which sell Christmas decorations or the supermarkets and their seasonal aisles, but for me, Garden Centres always have lovely decorations, something out of the ordinary, maybe a bit vintage and old-fashioned, and definitely bright and sparkly.

I'm not limiting this to my local garden centres such as Wyevale either,  online garden shops like GardenSite have some really lovely decorations to choose from.  In fact, the two lanterns featured in this post are what I chose from it.

They really are a talking point.

My pictures do not do these lanterns justice.

They measure 11inchs, and not only do they have lights in them and on a timer if you so wish, but they also have tiny fans sitting underneath the snowmen and Santa, and it's this tiny little fan that circulates the glitter, acting as a constant snowglobe, and when the glitter is caught by the light, these lanterns really do shine bright.

These lanterns are heavy and cost an average of £22 from the GardenSite, but this is not all they have to offer.  Along with lanterns, there are trees, lights, wreaths, scenes and twig trees to chose from.  Something for all tastes I believe!

One of my favourite parts about Christmas is shopping for new decorations, and GardenSite doesn't disappoint, so much so I've decided to put together my top nine products I would purchase from the Christmas range.

What do you think?  My lanterns are amazing are they not!

Merry Christmas everyone.


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  1. These look lovely. We tend to just bring out the same decorations year after year and some are looking a bit tired now


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