How to make unique Baubles this Christmas

Is it me or have custom made baubles become a craze?

Armed with my Christmas Bostik goods, I've revisited this craft but I've gone bigger!.

This is a wonderful winter craft!   For these Christmas Baubles you first need to put your hat and gloves on and go on the hunt for miniature Christmas trees.  That was half the fun for us.

Our miniature trees were pine cones, and being winter, all the perfect cones we picked up on our scavenger hunt were closed due to the cold.  Not a problem, we just baked them in the oven once we got home and they opened up perfectly!

Now our cones were BIG, which meant we needed BIG baubles and I'm rather excited at the size of these baubles.   They measure 12cm!  Perfect size for pine cone Christmas trees!

But we got in such a mess.

Pine cones roll!

We used a roll of tape as a holder, and for painting and decorating this worked very well.

With the tips covered in glitter for extra shine, we thought it would be fun to add glitter in the ball.... don't do this.

The ball split open and I've since been finding glitter down my bra, in my hair, pointed out to me at work that I have it on my face even though it wasn't there when I got ready that morning!  

Seriously where does it come from!?!

We made such a mess with this, but it was good fun too.   If I can wipe it, wash it or vacuum it, I don't mind the mess.

We ended up putting all the snowballs in the tree itself.  Why?  Because I'd used Blutak to hold that cone in place, and every time we shook the balls around, the tree had a wobble!    I can't have a wobbly tree.

With the tree fixed firmly in place in one half of the ball, the snowballs added in the tree and the other half of the ball closed around it, the baubles were ready to be hung on the tree.

Merry Christmas, and here's to having big balls.

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  1. These look lovely but I gave up buying glitter a few years back due to it getting everywhere, including on my face too. I did buy glittery cards this year though, but read afterwards that they can't be recycled with glitter on. Same with some shiny wrapping paper too apparently


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