How I made Harry Potter Cushions

When I stopped off at the biggest Hobbycraft store I'd seen and found they were now stocking Harry Potter fabrics, cushions became the first of many plans made with this bounty.

Over the Halloween period, I'd made these rather fabulous "pumpkin cushions".   I liked the style so I wanted to make house cushions from the Harry Potter fat quarters I'd bought.

Unsure as to what was the best way to go with these, I decided to use black contrasting fabric for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but I'm not sure whether this has worked.

When putting the house colours in between the black only the Hufflepuff colours worked.

The black in between Gryffindor's red slices didn't work on either side, so I had all eight segments of Gryffindor on one side and the black Harry Potter logo on the back.

I liked this look until it came to using the embroidery thread to pull in the slices.  I think the Hufflepuff black thread works due to the black segments.

But with Gryffindor, what colour to use?

I used red but I'm now thinking black lines would have looked better on the cushion as the red lines on the black sides really stand out.  But then I wonder - does it matter?

Are any of us too concerned with the back of our cushions?  Whilst it would be nice to have a choice, especially if changing up our home decor colours, you don't make the back of the cushion a priority, do you?

You'd not buy the cushion because of the black Harry Potter logo and Hogwarts crest, you are buying the cushion because it's a Gryffindor house cushion.  So, what do you think?  Do the backs of cushions really matter?

Confused of Sussex.


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