How I Made Homemade Bird Feeders

After a trip to the local car boot sale, I knew exactly what I was going to repurpose these lovely unwanted teacups in to.
Old tea set, lard and bird seed make a unique bird feeder for the garden

I have always loved the idea of using old and unwanted cups as bird feeders, I just think they make the garden look quaint and unique.
Hanging tea cup bird feeders in the garden for the winter months

The materials I used to make bird feeders

* Teacups [From the local car boot]
* Lard
* Bird Seed
* Small dab of glue
* Ribbon
* Masking Tape

First of all, I melted the lard in a pan  Once melted I transferred this into a bow, not sure why!  I could have quite easily kept the lard in the pan and added the bird seed.    Would have saved on a bowl to wash up.

When there was plenty of bird seed in amongst the lard, I transferred this mixture into each of the cups.
Filling teacups with birdseed and melted lard to give the winter birds a treat

The cups then went into the fridge overnight to set.

The next day I placed a small amount of glue on the cups and set them at an angel on the sauces.  To keep them in place I used masking tape and left to set overnight.

The following day I tested each of the cups and to my delight, they remained on the sauces so they have now been placed out in the front garden for the birds to dine on.


  1. This is a great project. What kind of glue did you use?

    1. I used a tiny dot of Gorilla glue and they've all held up in the recent storm.

  2. How much lard did it take to make all those cups? I am thinking about doing this in a group. Thanks!

    1. That one packet of lard did all six teacups. You can adjust accordingly, so maybe more seed if you have less lard or not fill the cups up to the brim.


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