Beautiful upcycled Valentine crafts to make with your children

I'm was very pleased to be part of Tots100 and Bostik's monthly blogger craft challenge for 2018, and for Valentines, boy did we have fun!

Making Valentine decorations with my son
Handmade Valentine Blocks made with my boy

I thought I'd incorporate a bit of recycling with this project, and found some odd batten pieces in the shed that would make perfect little Valentine home decor blocks.  I'm sure we are not alone in having random pieces of wood in the shed, garden or even loft.

Spare batten pieces to make small wooden blocks
Use spare pieces of a batten to create Valentine blocks
I cut the pieces up and gave them a quick lick of primer so there was a nice base for us to work with, and my son was very excited about decorating these!  I wonder if it's because it's a different material to work with?  He is partial to painting a cardboard box.

Handmade pieces cut up and primed to be decorated
Preparing small blocks to decorate
We received and found lots of lovely hearts, red gems, ribbons, washi tape and lettering from both Bostik and our crafting stash

Prepping our room for a day of crafting thanks to Tots100 and Bostik
Getting the room ready for a day of kids craft
Armed with all our lovely stickers, papers, glues and dots we set about decorating our blocks.  There are no rules, we just picked out what we liked and glued them, which is always the best way to craft.

Final lots of lovely red gems, hearts, papers and anything else that takes your fancy to use to decorate the blocks
Using Valentine accessories to decorate the blocks
Choosing Sticks and hearts to decorate valentine blocks
Using Glu dots to add flowers and hearts to blocks
I managed to get a lot of blocks out of one batten, so we now have lots of sets dotted around the front room all ready for Valentine's Day.  Armed with these blocks and my newly created cones filled with chocolates, I'm rather loving our home decor.

Using Lettering, glu dots and blocks to create Valentine Blocks
Love spelt Valentine blocks
Using Valentine papers and accessories to glue on to wooden blocks
Adding papers and gems to blocks for Valentine Decor
Handmade child Valentine blocks
Blocks decorated for Valentines

I received a craft bundle from Tots100 and Bostik as part of the Bostik Blogger group

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  1. Lovely. So creative. My boys are now at the hating Valentine's stage, so I think I'll probably stick to baking Valentine's cookies, as they will still devour those


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