Japan to leave International Whaling Commission (WIC)

I find myself rather lost for words and astounded at the news that Japan will be recommencing with the killing of whales this year!
Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash
A country who have not been whaling for more than 30 years! A country where a whole generation, the next generation would not have been exposed to whaling and therefore the demand for whale meat.

How has a country, a Prime Minister, been allowed to decide this? How is it acceptable to take another living creature that has as much right as we do to live, to the brink of extinction?

I am shocked that a country believes that mammals living and breeding in the oceans that surround our lands are ours to kill. The oceans do not belong to us, and whilst one could argue that we have fisherman off the English coast catching salmon, it is monitored. If our levels were too low a process would be put in place to protect the species, can we say the same for the whales?

What is an ‘acceptable’ number of kills before we decide enough is enough and would Japan even listen?

I am reminded of a quote from the film The Matrix when Mr Smith is explaining the human race to Neo: “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet”.

A whale will have one baby every one – six YEARS! This is not a creature put on this earth to feed the Japanese community!

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