Weekend Box Club: It's all about the accessories not just the craft

For as little as £8.95 a month your children can enjoy a variety of crafts that you don't need to think up!
Wonderful Winter time crafts with WeekendBox Club subscription

What is The Weekend Box Club:

The weekend box was founded back in 2013 when creator Andy Stephenson was looking for gift ideas for his niece and nephew (who were turning 5).  Andy wanted to find them something that was educational, engaging and fun as well as something that would help them learn about the world through play.

Having discovered a gap in the market, Andy quit his job, started making boxes in his living room and the rest, as they say, is history!

Each Weekend Box is themed and contains four activities: something to make, something to bake, something green/to up-cycle and something to explore.  You'll also get everything you need in the box (except things you'll definitely have in the house, like scissors).

These letterbox sized craft boxes are ideal for many occasions and not just those who think they are not creative.
Weekendbox club is made up of 4 activities, something to bake, make, plant and explore
These envelopes all come with the accessories needed to make each project.  For Oswald's pop up penguins, we needed black, white and orange card & paper, sticky dots and googly eyes.  All of which is supplied.  The only addition is scissors which, as stated in the book, required adult supervision.

Creating Pop Up Penguins from our Weekend Box Craft Subscription

Because these boxes are complete with accessories and lightweight, they are ideal to travel with too or take around to the grandparent's house.

There are two subscription box options:

Variety Boxes

  • 4x Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Planting/Up-Cycling & Explore activities
  • Everything you need in the box
  • Suitable for 3-8-Year-Olds
  • Your very own personalised box
  • Fortnightly/Monthly deliveries
  • FREE Delivery
  • 1st box £4.48, then £8.95 per box

STEM Boxes

  • 3x themed STEM activities per box
  • Inspire learning through fun
  • Everything you need in the box
  • Suitable for 7-12-Year-Olds
  • Your very own personalised box
  • Monthly deliveries
  • FREE Delivery
  • 1st box £4.48, then £8.95 per box

We love these boxes as we don't have to think about what crafts to try that weekend.  Also, as mentioned above, I know that if Max wants to bake, we are going to have all the ingredients necessary in Wooster's envelope.

We made the Icy Tealight Holder this weekend, and whilst the instructions told us to put the balloon in the freezer for four hours, I may have left it in overnight, don't' do this, do as instructed.  Our water balloon was frozen solid and we then spent a good 15 minutes making a hole for our tealight to sit in.

Making Icy Tealigh Holders thanks ot Hattie and the Weekend Box club

Much to my son's amusement though.  This little craft turned out rather lovely.

If you would like to try a Weekend box, then you can register over on their website and if you use the following code you will get your first box free and just pay £1 for post and packaging.  SCBR1918



  1. We've done a few reviews of these over the years and are currently trying out the STEM box. They are a good idea


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