The House On Cold Hill comes to Worthing Theatres

The House on Cold Hill brings the paranormal into the modern world and leaves you looking at Alexa in a completely new light, or in my friend's case, unplugged.

Peter James' book, The House on Cold Hill, comes to life this week at Worthing Theatre, and it is a great, suspense-filled evening, that will make you look at your electronics in a new light.  I never realised how sinister my Alexa sounded!


Based on the author’s own real-life experience in a haunted house, the play will star the previously announced, BAFTA nominated actor and winner of BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing 2017, Joe McFadden (The Crow Road, Heartbeat, Holby City) as ‘Ollie Harcourt’ and joining him, as his wife ‘Caro Harcourt’, will be award-winning actress Rita Simons, (Eastenders iconic Roxy Mitchell). As well as award-winning actors, Charlie Clements ‘Chris’, and Persephone Swales-Dawson as ‘Jade’.

In Peter's ghostly mystery, the Harcourt family move into the house of the dreams that has been empty for the last forty years. However, their dream home quickly turns into the stuff of nightmares, as they begin to sense that they aren’t the only residents at Cold Hill… The House on Cold Hill is a modern-day ghostly thriller that will send shivers down your spine and make you think twice about returning home to a dark, empty house after the show!

My thoughts on The House on Cold Hill

This is a great show.  From the start, I was on edge as the scene starts 40 years prior and the death of the previous owner after witnessing something horrifying in the bathroom - but what!!  What!!  So after that, I never really settled again.

I know it's a haunted house, not too thrilled it's based on Peter James' own experiences...... and the house is based in the countryside of Sussex... that's a little too close to home people, well so I thought until Alexa stole the show!

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, the actors were brilliant and you are drawn into the story so quickly. But as much as the actors were amazing, and the story a wee bit traditional, the kicker is the modern element to it.

Alexa, yes the Amazon speaker, stole the show.  As the grey lady wants the family out of the house or dead, she starts to communicate through the Alexa Speaker, and I kid you not, if you've got an Alexa, after the shock of hearing her sinister voice say "Enjoy the party Jade" with NO prompt, you'll be turned her off when you get home.

I'm currently researching how to change her voice now.

The play keeps you on edge or in a state of suspense right to the end.  It lulls you into a false sense of relaxation right before the final shocker.   I left with a final intake of breath as the curtain dropped.

It's so Good.

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