How to stop shaving rash

It has only taken me three decades and a subscription to Beard Colonel for me to final figure out how NOT to have a shaving rash on my bikini line!

How to avoid shaving rashes

Now I appreciate I'm writing this post in winter so unless you're going on a sunny winter holiday, or out on the pull, no one is caring about their hairy legs, let alone their bikini line - am I right ladies?

But I just needed to share!

Bearded Colonel is a subscription service for razor blades.  You decide how frequently you want new razors and they are sent in the post.   May seem pointless to some, but for me, I am rubbish at remembering to purchase new razors and end up with using blunt ones for that 'quick shave.

Just for the record, I'm aware this post is making me sound like some hairy bearded ape, but I am just referring to my legs and bikini area... my beard is coming along nicely....

I received my first set of razors and a card explaining how to get the perfect shave.

Hmm, I thought, it's not that hard is it? I've been doing it on my legs for years with no rash, I've obviously just got really sensitive skin around the bikini area.


Having followed the steps from Beard Colonel on my delicate bikini area, it worked!  I've not had a shaving rash since!!

I thought it may be a fluke the first time, so I've done it several times since and each time a rash has not come up the next day!  I'm so chuffed, that I just had to share!

Like I said, it's only taken me 3 decades to learn this and now it's winter - who cares!!  It's all about the jeans now!

But what were the steps that the wonderful Bearded Colonel gave me?

* Open and clean your pores - scrub with warm water.
* Use shaving foam against the grain to lift hairs.
* Shave with the grain.
* Clean out pores with warm water.
* Splash cold water on to close the pores and keep them clean.

Safe to say I would just do the middle 3 options when shaving, no wonder my pours were screaming out!!

Might strut around in my underwear whilst doing the housework this weekend, just so I feel I'm getting my money's worth.

I do hope this has helped you, as much as it helped me and yes, I buy from Bearded Colonel to avoid the ridiculous Pink Tax!

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