How to keep children entertained when out and about

It's a big plus for me if a lightweight game can fit in my handbag for when we are out as a family!
Great quality travel games from Take N Play

About the Take 'N' Play Range

The games range that’s easy to take on the road. The convenient square tin case makes it easy to slip the games into most bags to take everywhere and the magnetic pieces mean they stay in place during a game. On a trip, in the car, train or plane – a game is always at hand.

Our thoughts on the new Take 'N' Play Range

"These are really really brilliant".  Max, aged 8
Having fun playing Hangman whilst waiting for our food

The first thing I noticed about these games is how light the tins are!  Ideal for taking out with you, as obviously, I have everything bar the kitchen sink in my bag!  So the fact these are light is a bonus for me.

The games are made of tin due to the soft foam pieces having magnetic backs, perfect for travelling as they are easily kept in place.
Chess travel game

I found these to be of far better quality than a lot of the 'travel size' games that I've seen in the supermarkets, which when we've had them, either break easily or we end up losing the pieces.  The games may be smaller in size, but they are not really designed for travel.  Peg holes are great and keep pieces in place.... but peg hole-sized game pieces can easily go flying in the car!

With these games, the pieces will stay exactly where you leave them, so it makes for a quick tidy-up, and let's face it, none of us have time in our lives to be spending half of it tidying up after the kids.
Hangman can be left exactly as it is and packed away without losing pieces

There is a range of Take ‘N’ Play games available for £7.99, including Hangman, Bingo, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Chess and Matching; and are available from John Lewis, Amazon and other stockists.

Perfect stock fillers, don't you think?

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