Fun family games over the holiday period and a Flash Giveaway

There are some really great games out at the moment which will be no doubt bring lots of fun and laughter over the holiday period.
Pocket sized games ideal for the holiday period
Today I am sharing with you a selection of games for the whole family to play, thanks to Ginger Fox.

These are a selection of pocket-sized games but with full-size fun to be had, and best of all, for today only (9th December) I am hosting a flash giveaway over on my Facebook page so be sure to pop over there to enter.

The Chase & Mince Spices

We rather enjoy watching the Chase so this was, of course, the first of the games to try.  The age for this is suggested at 14+, but whenever we play a game older than my son, he always just joins a family member to become a 'team'.

You are given cards which are marked A, B & C, as like the TV show, the answers are multiple-choice.  If you get it right you move down the board;  You have a spinner to determine if the Chaser also got the question right or not. 

It's actually amazing how long this game can take if you get a string of hard questions and the spinner is landing on incorrect for the Chaser too.

Mince Spies is ideal for when you have a few friends/family over for dinner, which is what makes it perfect from Christmas. 

The cards are in the forms of coasters which are set out at the dinner table and each person has a mission they have to complete before the evening is over.  For big brother fans, it is similar to the funny secret tasks they were set.

Space Dash & Bump This

Nothing like a couple of hip young games to put my age well and truly to the test!  (The fact I used the word hip doesn't help my cause does it!).

Space Dash is another one of those card games that tries to sends my nerves to pieces!  The minute a game is 'free for all' I know it's going to end in mayhem and my heart beats a little faster.

A space-themed game is a hit with my son, the fact he can race the rest of the family to get his cards out in order of the space shuttle whilst I'm still sorting my cards, really pleases him and a little competitiveness comes out.

The second of the games to make Mumma feel old is Bump This.  Now, I used to be rather good at 'Simon Says' but it appears I'm paying no attention when playing Bump This; I put it down to my son distracting me!

Aimed at 2+ players you take turns to pass on the handshake but it relies on memory and getting the handshake correct to win.  I'm a bit rubbish and an 8-year-old can out bump two grown adults up to 8 moves!

Lots of giggles though.

Best of all, because these games are the pocket size you can take them with you whilst visiting friends and family over the holiday period and enjoy the fun everywhere.




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