How to showcase collected fossil sharks teeth

For those who follow my blog, are no strangers to our collection of sharks teeth 
How to display your sharks teeth collection

We have had them stored in various little clear boxes and glass jars, and it felt that with the effect we'd put in finding these teeth, they really needed to be on display.

But how!

I'd spent a month on Pinterest, roaming the charity shops for inspiration and just staring at the teeth in the hopes they would just tell me how best to display them.
Fossil Shark and Ray teeth

I didn't want to add any glue to the teeth so sticking to a picture frame was out.

In the end I settled with obtaining Oasis floral foam from the Range.  I didn't want the traditional green colouring, and if I'm honest, I didn't know it came in any other colours, but the Range also had the 'sand' colour Oasis.

I thought this was perfect considering where we found our teeth.
Oasis Floral Foam keeping sharks teeth safe

I also bought the picture frame from the Range for £2.99.  Bargain!

After cutting the foam to size it was just a case of arranging the teeth and pushing them in.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, and there is space for more finds to be added.  Best of all, it can be hung up without the worry of losing any of the smaller teeth.

How to display Shark Teeth

I can't wait to fill it up some more.

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