Why I love Photowall's canvas options

Whatever decor genre your home has, I'm confident there will be something to catch your eye at Sweden's Photowall website.

I have spent an obscene amount of time on Photowall's website.  There is just so much to view!  I would suggest anyone visiting the site to have a rough idea of what they want first.

Once I'd decided I wanted a canvas rather than a wall mural or wallpaper, both of which they have in an abundance, my next task was to decide on a theme.

For me, I'm all about the inspirational quotes, spiritual images and nostalgia.

Image from Photowall Website.
But, my family home is dominated by films and fandom art in the forms of posters, Pop Funkos, Lego images on display and family prints.  Therefore, I decided to keep with our theme of movies.

Once I'd decided on movies, I was still challenged with the volume of choice and this is where I nearly killed my PC!  I opened up a new tab for every canvas I liked on Photowall's website.  I had so many open, the tabs at the top ended up tiny.

Tell me I'm not the only one who does that?

I went through two tabs at a time eliminating one of each.  I repeated this a couple of times until I was down to my favourite 12.  Who knew you could have a favourite 12!  At this point, I got outside help!

I sent the pages to hubby to help me choose which image was to be the focal point in our hall.  He didn't get an option for the lounge as I had already got my heart set on The Outsiders

Outsiders Poster from Photowall 50 x 70 cm £24
My son has been collecting fossiled shark teeth for the past year and it just felt fitting to obtain the Jaws movie poster.

Movie Poster Jaws / 100 x 150 cm / £138
The beauty with Photowall is the delivery comes rolled up, so there is no worry of canvas prints being damaged in the post.

It's delivered as a kit that you put together yourself.  Now, I know that may sound scary for some and it did look a bit frightful, but it's actually a really good idea!

The instructions are easy to follow and due to the size of our canvas, it required two of us to put the canvas around the wood.  But we did it in no time at all.

The monster image now hangs pride of place in our hallway for us all to appreciate.  I'm so pleased with the canvas finish, the ease of ordering and the simple steps to put it all together.

Photowall really is a good quality site, with fast delivery and best of all, a plethora of prints to choose from.

Which would you choose?

Photowall really should be one of your go-to places, especially for statement pieces when decorating the home.

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