Room on a Broom theme for Halloween this year

We have some really fantastic scary houses to visit on Halloween. Lots of gore, smoke, blood and zombies, but some of the younger children are not so keen to walk up their driveways.

For this reason, we always do spooky.  I love seeing all the little ones dressed up so well and always so polite.  I'm going to dress up our driveaway with the Room on a Broom theme!

I'll add to this post throughout the year as I create pieces, also to hold me accountable in case I give up.

My thoughts are to have a few wands scattered around the garden along with a few ribbons, as from memory I know the witch loses these.

I'm going to dress as the witch so will be keeping an eye out in the charity shops for black fabric, red tops and purple/blue dresses, oh and a hat!  I don't think the sorting hat will do!

I want a big cauldron filled with sweets and either a cloud of smoke or a bubble machine underneath or maybe both.  I ended up buying a barrel from Wilkos and transforming it into a cauldron.

As it'll be dark, I hope to have lots of fairy lights around the garden, enough to light up the display.

The Wand from Room on the Broom

These were very quick and easy to make.
How to make the witch's wand from Room on a Broom

You will need:
Paper Straws
Yellow Card
Pegs to hold the paper in place.

I have some lovely paper straws which were leftover from when I made pinwheels and they are just the perfect colour!  I cut 2 stars out on the yellow card (I cheated and put the card through my printer to get the star template on them).

I flattened the end of the straw (although, as shown in my video, I didn't do that to start with!) and glued 1 end of the straw to the card.

Once set, I then added glue to each point of the star and the other side of the straw and sandwiched the two star pieces together, using the peg to hold it all in place until the glue had set.

And that is how I made the witch's "Room on a Broom" wand.

Next Step, the ribbon......

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  1. Amazing organisation to start so early in the year. I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic display


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