How to use fabric instead of wrapping paper

Over the past year or so I've seen quite a few articles regarding the use of silk scarves rather than wrapping paper to wrap presents up in.  This is due to many papers containing plastic and therefore not good for our environment.
Alternative to plastic wrapping paper
I love this idea, I love the idea of wrapping presents in scarves, making 2 presents in one, but have you tried looking for silk scarves?

Whose idea was this?

To purchase the scarves new are not cheap at all, and as many of you know, I like to try and buy from charity and repurpose my finds.  But there are no silk scarves to be had.

Plenty of scarves, just not silk.  This made me wonder if I'd misread the article and it was, in fact, suggesting we use scarves in general!

Purchasing cheap fabrics to make into wrapping materials

With that in mind, I'd purchased some lovely satin material from Pound Fabrics for £10 (this included post and packaging) last year to cover one of the chairs for the author day we hosted at the school.

I think it would make beautiful wrapping 'paper'.  You can't see through it and it gives a lovely shine which will look splendid under a tree with lights glistening.

I set about cutting it up in various sizes.  Ideally, you want to be doing this when you have the gift in front of you so you know what size to make!

I cut the fabric to various lengths and used my overlocker for clean edges, although it did eat the fabric at one point and I just sat there in disbelief swearing at the thing before refusing to admit defeat!

You don't need an overlocker you can round the edges with a zigzag stitch AND if the thought of the sewing machine makes you cold as it used to with me, get yourselves some pinking shears and just cut the fabric to shape.

Using fabric as wrapping paper

So here's my stash so far, I'm going to keep an eye out in the charity shops for more 'fabric' aka clothes, to see if any others make for good wrapping paper.

What do you use and let's not forget to give well this Christmas!

Wrapping Presents with Fabric

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