Mindful journal for children to build confidence

Renowned Parenting Expert Nadim Saad collaborates with Established Psychotherapist Annabel Rosenhead in The Happy Confident Me Journal series co-created with children.

As many of my readers will know I'm a firm believer in writing down your thoughts, especially when you are feeling anxious, and there is no greater time than now that many will be feeling this way.

This is why I am so pleased to be, or rather my son, the proud owner of Happy Confident Journal.  Co-created by children for children.
Personal child's journal

The last hour before bed in our house is no electronics.  We either watch television, play cards or some other game to wind down, and it is this last hour that we have been practising writing down our day, our thoughts, our feelings.

My son is not a fan of showing us what he's written or when.  To be honest, I'm not going to push that.  The fact that he has somewhere safe to write down what is going on in his world is good enough for me.
Children using Mindful journal

About the Happy Confident Me Super Journal

The Happy Confident Me Super Journal is based on the latest research on happiness, emotional development and neuroscience. It teaches children ten key essential life skills that will make them happier and more confident. Through a few minutes of daily journaling based on these ten key skills (one skill developed each week), they will develop daily habits that will change their life for the better. This journal is a great complement or replacement of the bedtime story as children grow up. It will help you develop with your child(ren) some invaluable conversations about these important themes and how to apply them in their daily lives.

About the Authors

Nadim Saad is a Parenting Coach and the author of five books including the highly acclaimed Kids Don’t Come With a Manual and Raising Confident Kids.

Thanks to his work with experienced therapists and teachers and drawing from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience, as well as his experience as a father of three, he developed a programme of effective tools that have changed the lives of thousands of families.

Nadim is also a regular speaker on parenting themes for leading companies such as Barclays, HSBC, Google & JP Morgan, and he has been featured in leading media publications such as The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC.

Annabel Rosenhead Annabel is an experienced Psychotherapist and Coach of 20 years, as well as a parent. Her career has centred on promoting the emotional and mental health of adults, teenagers and children.

This has included lead roles within the public & private sectors, in institutions such as the charity Place2Be, as well as in her own longstanding practice. Annabel’s professional mission at Happy Confident Me is to create the opportunity for children to develop healthy self-acceptance and strong emotional intelligence in their formative years.

From her extensive experience, Annabel strongly believes that gaining self-understanding as a child leads to a more satisfying life, less emotional pain and the ability to thrive as adults.


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  1. I wish we could have a "no electronics" hour here. We've relaxed our notional time limits which the boys never adhered to anyhow and currently they seem to spend almost all their time on screen


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