What's everyone watching while we are on Lockdown?

I thought I binged a fair bit of TV, but I've found a couple of new programs to watch which have been around for a while, and I'm surprised I missed them the first time around!

How have I missed Good Girls?


I'm so far behind the times, series 3 is due out this year!

It's a bit of a dark comedy and with Matthew Lillard in it, I'm not surprised!  Although, I do expect him to shout out 'it's a scream baby' at some point!

The story follows three amazing, everyday women, with everyday struggles looking for a way to raise some cash.  One has a useless husband who's 'invested' all their money into bad deals, one has a daughter who needs a kidney transplant and one who needs a lawyer to try and keep her pre-teen daughter.

One housewife and two on minimum wage, there is no way they can raise the money they need, and so the sister of (soon to be) 'boss bitch' comes up with the great idea to rob the grocery store. This should get them around $30,000, enough to sort themselves out. Only they get more than they bargained for when they actually take around half a million dollars ... which belongs to a gang.

And the gang come knocking.

And so begins the whole comedy of errors basically, from a creepy, blackmailing, attempted rapist boss, to a cheating husband and a husband who is training to be a cop, what could possibly go wrong.

I love this.  This is ideal viewing after a day of working from home whilst also homeschooling my 8-year-old son and keeping us all sane shut away from the world with only a visit out to the shop twice a week and exercise round the block daily.

It's great light relief, and I find myself wanting to watch a whole season in one night and if I didn't have to get up and 'teach/guide' in the mornings, I bloody well would.

Do let me know if you've watched this, also, what else you're watching at the moment.  I'm sure there are a few gems out there that have been around a few years that I know nothing about.

Let me know what you think.



  1. I've been rewatching shows! I did a Bones rewatch and now I'm watching The Mentalist. I did take a break for Tiger King though lol

    1. I need to see what the hype is with Tiger King, I'm so behind!

  2. I've not really been watching anything apart from YouTube videos, mainly either gardening "how to" guides or book related


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