Training To Be A Bakugan Master

Thanks to Spin Master's fantastic Bakugan range, we have been spending our time in lockdown training to be Bakugan Masters!
Bakugan Range

Bakugan is a crazy that hit our household last year.  I had no idea what they were or how to use them but within a blink of an eye, my son had the BakuBall open to display a Bakugan inside.

These great little creatures come with their own card and BakuCore to enable you to fight with your friends and win on points.

Here is a brief summary of the fun you can have with your Bakugans and Battle arena, mainly being explained by my son who is 8.  That magical age of knowing how everything works.

We had so  much fun with the arena and the Bakugans that the following day, we were back outside in the garden and we took an old toy chest from the shed and covered it in the 6 main colours from the cards and create a new home for all the Bakugans.

Homemade Bakugan Storage Box

If you don't already own a storage case, the balls fit nicely in egg boxes!


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