What New Skills Are Your Children Learning

I think that title should read what new skills are YOU learning?  I'm learning a whole new way of maths, everything I'd forgotten about the stone age and that I'm rubbish at Meccano!
STEM skills with Meccano

My son loves Maths problems so we've stuck with the school's teachings and resources for that as he got upset when I said we didn't have to do it!

That being said, he quite likes his new maths lessons with daddy involving darts.

Using a dart board to show answers to maths problems

Engaging toys that create challenges, take time to complete and offer a sense of achievement are ideal in our current lockdown environment, and Spin Master has a number of toys which fit this bill from Art and Craft sets, Kinetic Sand to the well-loved Meccano.

Learning to put together a dinosaur with Meccano

Meccano is one of those kits which baffles me!  I clearly have chunky fingers, as there is no way I can get tiny nuts under tiny metal plates to create a dinosaur head.  This is where the pieces are ideal for my son, with him nibble delicate 8-year-old hands.

The downside, other than I'm a control freak and resorted to sitting on my hands, is Meccano is tricky, it's designed to make you think, work out the pieces and how they move and connect to one another and may require a degree of patience, which I think neither myself nor my son has.

Fortunately for us, my son has a daddy who has unbelievably steady hands and the patience to assist in making our whatever this is dinosaur!

Meccano Dinosaur
SRP: from £9.99


For over 100 years, Meccano has inspired countless engineers, designers, architects and creative minds of all ages. It's more than just a toy, it is a tool for teachers and educators.

Meccano has worked with the best schools and universities, including the USC Engineering and Robotics Research Lab, to make its Meccano Maker System line highly compatible with STEM initiatives.

Spin Master has also served us very well during this lockdown period, especially in the form of Bakugans!  We have been battling our creatures in the new Battle Arena and even upcycled an old chest in the 6 fraction colours to store this new world in.

How are you and your family tackling this lockdown?


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  1. That meccano dinosaur looks brill. My boys have never been particularly into meccano so it usually just sits gathering dust. But I remember as a child enjoying playing with my Dad's old metal meccano set


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