What Order to Watch the Marvel films

What has been your Go-To movie genre/series for this Covid-19 lockdown?  Ours has been the MCU - Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rather than watch the films on their release date, we have decided to watch them in chronological order, or as close to it as we can get.  There are several websites listing both and with Disney+ now in the UK, it's even easier for us to find them all.

We are watching 23 of the movies listed below. (Black Widow is due out April, but who knows when we will see that film now)!

I optimistically assumed that by the end of our 23 days Marvel Marathon we may well be out of quarantine and life would begin to feel a little less closed off and a little more sociable again. 

I may have been very optimistic here as we have just finished watching Ant-Man [Day 14] and no mention of a lift in quarantine!

We have 10 films left.

Might have to watch the Star Wars saga too at this rate!

What are you guys watching?

Marvel films in chronological order

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  1. My boys are huge Marvel fans, but they've been mainly watching old Dr Who episodes and the animated Clone Wars series recently


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