A Kickstarter campaign for a new range of school shoe

Whilst we are living through a pandemic small businesses are doing all they can to keep afloat.  Going online for the first time, offering delivery services, and trying out new ideas.  This is why I'm more than happy to help out the fabulous Term Footwear.
I have written in the past on Term school shoes and wellington boots, both of fantastic quality and we're so lucky to have our local sport and school uniform shop stock Term Footwear.

Now they need our help to reach their £10,000 target, and with just 12 days left to go, they are only £1,000 away - can they do it?!!

From Term Footwear: "Pledge £30 now for a pair of these wonderful shoes, which means that you are backing our project and keeping British business alive.  When we hit our £10,000 target on 18 June, payment will be taken and we will receive the funds. Pay nothing until 18 June!  Our school shoes will be delivered in August/September."

Why back Sole Buddy?

Obviously, this is a personal choice in a shoe, and especially for children, but have a look on their Kickstarter page and see if this is a brand you would like to support:

  • Sole Buddy shoes use lightweight rubber with an open cell structure containing more air than standard rubber. It is a great shock absorber due to its natural bounce which in turn helps reduce fatigue and long-term joint health problems.
  • Sole Buddy shoes are designed with great care to flex naturally with the toes and joints as they move.
  • Designed with 12mm of built-in growing room to ensure that your child 's foot has the space to develop naturally during the life of the shoe.
  • An anatomical foot-shaped last (form), ensuring that they maintain a natural shape
  • Polyester mesh made from 50% recycled water bottles
  • First-ever downloadable fitting gauge!

So if this sounds like a brand and shoe you'd like to get behind, you can show your support in the following way with shoes being shipped in time for September:


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  1. Thank you for sharing our campaign Rachael! We are so excited to make these shoes. You can support from just £1! Or you can pre-order shoes for 30% less than the launch price and delivery in time for school in September. Please follow the link and back us to make this happen. They are our best school shoe range yet. xx


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