Why not celebrate this Christmas with Moonpig

I'm not going to lie, I thought Moonpig was just a card delivery service that has been around for years, turns out, it's so much more!
Christmas Centerpiece flower arrangements made with red and cream coloured roses and green folage

Why not get a group of friends together on Zoom and have a night in making cocktails or get your friends zooming for chats, drinks and flower arranging?  It's time to embrace the different!

With the country back in lockdown for November and probably restricted movement in December, grab yourself a Zoom and Moonpig account and have some fun.

Why Moonpig?

Moonpig has an app which is ideal for making your Christmas cards personal.  Not only can you upload your own images and personalise the text but it also has this rather cool feature of storing friends and family addresses and birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.  So why not send out a card with a Zoom date on?

Moonpig Cocktails

Yes, not only do Moonpig supply cards, they supply gifts too and thanks to a recent Moonpig zoom night, I had the most amazing fun making Cocktails thanks to Conor from Mix & Twist.  I totally recommend this over the Christmas period.

With the Vodka from Moonpig, I made the most delicious Vodka Garden and everyone who loves cocktails should give this one a go!

Cocktail ingredients

How to make a Vodka Garden

* Crush 1inch of cucumber in the base of the glass
* add 25ml lime juice
* add 25ml sugar syrup
* add 45ml Belvedere Vodka - this you can purchase from Moonpig direct
* add some mint leaves
Fill your glass with ice and drink away.

Three different cocktail drinks
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Flower Arranging with Friends

Looking for something a little different for a zoom night in with the family/friends?  How about flower arranging.  I know, it sounds scary doesn't it, but that picture up there, that's mine.  I made that with no prior knowledge on what on earth I was doing!

As with the Cocktails, you can purchase flowers from Moonpig, again it would be great to add these as gifts'  What would be cool is to have a round-robin for this so you all get a few flowers but you don't know what you're getting.

Showing what is needed to make a flower arrangement

I would just say maybe select a delivery date one or two days before needed.  I've used Moonpig a few times now and the deliveries, I guess due to Royal Mail being super busy right now, cards and gifts are not always delivered on the date requested.

I had a fantastic evening, possibly enjoyed a little more by the Vodka cocktails if I'm honest.

But what a great idea!  Let's get on video conferencing and see our friends and family and send love to everyone. Check on your friends, check on your loved ones and we'll get through this.  We can do it.

If you want to use Moonpig to purchasing some cards I currently have a 20% off code for cards (only possible via the app) APP20CA.

Stay Safe everyone.

Screengrab of Zoom Meeting



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