Fabulous map showing new places to go with the children this year

Wondered where to take the children in the holidays or not even sure what little gems are local to you?  How about using this fabulous map of wonders the whole family can get involved in to plan your next adventure in Britain.
Map of Wonders a map showing of all the fun places to go to in Britain

After all, many of us, when not in lockdown, are looking at staycations this year and next, and why not.  Great Britain has a whole lot to see and do for the family.

ST&G has created the most fabulous map to help us get the most out of Great Britain.  It is covered with amazing adventure-filled things to do in detail, with lots of colours and keynotes around the map to help the whole family decide on the next adventure.

Map showing the Jurassic Coast

I can confirm there are many fossils to be had at Bracklesham Bay, as marked out on the map.

What's on the Map

There is a lot on this map, I haven't been able to go through it all yet!  What I did do was check out my own area to see what is around here and I checked out what was in the vicinity of Bridgwater as that's where we stayed over the October half term.

Now being in lockdown it's even more important to plan ahead for when we can go out again and I'll be spending the time between now and Christmas to plan a few days out and maybe even some overnight stays next year, so, what's on the map:
9 year old reading his map of adventures

On this ginormous map, you'll find 1,000 of the funnest things to do and places to go around Britain. And that’s not all - there are great games to play, tick boxes and notes sections to fill in, and even a huge colouring-in map on the back. 

The map covers:
* Wild wildlife 
* Animal adventures
* Action and adventure 
* Underground fun 
* Theme parks 
* Marvellous museums 
* Glorious food
* Brilliant Beaches
* Thrilling quests such as walks, cycle routes, train rides and more
* Super-fun festivals and events
* Places with funny names.
* Myths and monsters 
* Fabulous fiction
* Amazing people and history
* Cool castles 
and Record breakers to name a few!!

Our thoughts on the map

I love this map!  I have a 'normal' map at home and I marked all the Merlin attractions and all the Fossil hunting areas on it last year for when we did our Mega Merlin Trip, but this is way better!  

We can go away to the Naze for fossils then use this map to search for other interesting, quirky and crazy things to do and see, we don't have to rely on up to date leaflets in the information stands at holiday parks!
 Stock Image of the  A brand new map of Britain for kids

Where and how much is this fun map

ST&G’s Amazingly Adventure-Filled Great British Map of Wonders is available at marvellousmaps.com and currently priced at £14.99 for the double-sided fold-out version, £19.99 for double-sided wall map and £119.99 framed. 

Marvellous Maps are dreamed up, designed and made in sunny Britain. 

Can you see your family using such a map?  We don't always need Google!


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  1. My kids are obsessed with maps. I think the teens are a bit old now but my Little Man would love this.


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