I was amazed at how quick and easy a tablet rest was to make

Over the last lockdown, my son got to spend quite a bit of time on his Nintendo with his friend.  They used WhatsApp to chat and played 'duo' games so no-one else could join in with them.

I noticed as they played, he left his phone (on video WhatsApp with his friend) all over the place, on the floor face up, on the arm of the sofa - face up, balancing on his lap or leaning up against the TV.   It was ceiling views all the way.

Homemade Tablet holder

The tablet/phone holder only uses 1 piece of fat quarter fabric or equivalent, so if you have any old clothes waiting to donate/re-purpose, why not recycle them into a phone holder?
As usual for me, the most tricky part is lining up the fabric, or just paying attention.  This is such a blind spot for me it's unreal!

Thanks to the guidance of Tina Barret's One-Piece Projects, I was able to make a holder in an afternoon with just 1 piece of a fat quarter, some cardboard for the base and shape, half a bag of beans to weigh the holder down and some soft toy filling.  

The only item I didn't have ready to hand was a bag of beans! 

Fat Quarter Projects Book

After testing out the product on my gorgeous Alice in Wonderland fabric and ignoring the golden rule of sewing and paying no attention to pattern, I managed to create a perfect Star Wars one for my son (his words).

So now he can chat with his friend, whilst looking at the ceiling, but at least his  phone is better protected.

Star Wars Home Made Tablet Holder

I was rather surprised how quick and easy this make was, and is a great starter project for anyone not too confident on a sewing machine with minimal materials required.

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