Review of beautiful miniature 3D model kits

Brainstorm has launched more lines to their popular and sustainable EUGY collection, and we absolutely adore them!
Made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card with natural eco-friendly ink and non-toxic glue, these are a great gift for children to get involved in.

Brainstorm Ltd supply educational toys, gifts and gadgets for all the family, and one range which we are so in love with is Eugy 3D model kits.  These 3D models are designed with children in mind and have fun facts about the animal being created on the cardboard.

These products can be purchased from various places such as Hobbycraft and Amazon and range from around £6 - £11 per model, or you can purchase sets such as the Penguin, Turtle and Humpback Whale for £21.

I've mentioned both stores, as Hobbycraft appears to have different animals to what I can find on Amazon at the moment, and since reviewing the initial 4 from Brainstorm, we have now purchased the wolf, which my son completed on his own within 15 minutes, and now looking at purchasing our next animal, the panda or the otter.

Due to these being relatively small, it means we can collect them without taking up too much space, or rather, we can add a lot of animals to the shelf to create our own model menagerie.

Creating these is extremely simple, and therefore children will need minimum guidance and give them a sense of "I made this" achievement, and because these products don't feel like 'toys' they won't look out of place on a shelf in any room.

I've added timelapse videos of how we made both the Dragon and the Koala to show how simple these are to create and how wonderful they look once complete.


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  1. Ohh! These really are beautiful and the dragon one is especially cute x

    1. Thanks Kim. We bought the wolf one recently and it's my new favourite.


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