How to make your home office as individual as you are

From personal experience, one thing the pandemic has highlighted to me is how flexible my work is and how I can work from home without it affecting the quality of my role (and homeschooling aside) it is actually more beneficial for me to be at home for the detailed analysis work that I have to do.
Office at Home Set Up

The fact that I've been at home and will continue to after the pandemic, means I will not need my car so much and therefore reduce my carbon footprint.

Noticing and encouraging the wildlife in the garden, we have squirrels coming in daily for their nuts and we have a variety of birds from sparrows to startling, to green tits and blues to robins and blackbirds.  It really makes me grateful for my home, for my work and the world we live in.

Squirrel in the garden

A nice touch to working from home means I can decorate my desk area.  I am fortunate to have a designated corner in my house for my desk which means I can decorate that area how I see fit and not have management frown at me.

I have chosen to add a few pieces from MadeTerra, which is an ethically-sourced company from Vietnam, to brighten up my desk.  

Who are MadeTerra 

Born in the heart of Red River in Vietnam, MadeTerra is a direct-to-consumer, online, handmade company dedicated to bringing authentic handcrafted history to the world. Their products are handmade by the very hands of local artisans in Vietnamese old handicraft villages and brought directly to the customers. Their business supports fair- trade, cares for the environment and contributes to the thriving life of artisan communities in Vietnam. .

MadeTerra has so much home decor items to make your home area as unique as you are, including pet supplies!
MadeTerra Magazine rack

The MadeTerra Magazine Holder

I adore the paper/magazine holder which I have sitting on my desk.  It is designed to be hung on the wall, but as it sits upright it means I have saved a whole pad sized space on my desk and I'm not one for clutter so this pleases me greatly!  

Woven by the hands of skilled artisans from well-chosen water hyacinth, this rustic wicker hanging basket set is strongly-built, free of splinter and odour.  The wall hanging basket is framed with strong stainless steel, supporting its well-built adorable shape.

It really is a stunning piece on my work desk.

Wooden Desk Calendar

Wooden Desk Calendar

I also have this most fabulous 2021 calendar.  I've not seen anything like this before, and it just makes me smile each morning when I see it.

Hand made of pine wood, a sustainable material because pine tree grows quickly. It means that pine forests can be replenished without the wait it takes to regrow an oak or other hardwood forest.

Just a couple of simple changes and my area is now mine, rather than the boring office standard desk tidies made from cheap plastics.

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