Hairdressers are so much more than someone who cuts your hair

I have a wonderful hairdresser who I've missed terribly during these lockdown periods, with Lockdown 3 being the worst!

Solo Hair Salon

After being in lockdown for 4 months, and my hair living in that 'Lockdown Bun' I was almost excited to see my hairdresser in April.  I say almost because I had not faired well in LD3, I'd gone very inside myself and really not venturing out the house at all, so the thought of leaving to travel, in my car no less, to another town was rather daunting!

I've known my hairdresser for well over 13 years and I see her now more as a friend than someone who cuts my hair.

We've been through 3 pregnancies together, marriage breakups, relationship problems and maturing into mums!  

We chat about everything and anything, from our feelings to what to watch on TV, to how our 9-year-olds are coping with life.

So when I went to see my wonderful hairdresser, I obviously took her flowers to apologise in advance for the Lockdown Bun that I took with me, and it was like I'd never been away.

We chatted as she worked miracles on my hair and left me feeling like I could take on the world, and you know what, that's what I needed!  I needed that little pick me up, to say "It's OK, Rach, you can face the world again"

It's amazing the effect a great haircut and therapy with your hairdresser can do for you, and if you've got a good hairdresser, you hold on to them.  They truly are worth their weight in gold.

Freshly cut blonde hair with pink underneath

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