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Lockdown introduced us to escape rooms via Zoom, which I have to admit, worked pretty well! We had tried both self-hosted, where, as a group, you have to try to figure out the combination to get off a train before it crashes, and hosted, which after a few rum and cokes was highly entertaining even though it was a wee bit scary!    

Contents of the Crime (easy level) in Epic Escapes Games

When Epic Escapes asked if I'd like to review their home version of escape rooms, I was keen to see how this would work after playing them on zoom and my son's youth versions.

Escape room in a box

Three Escape Rooms in One Box is designed for 3 to 6 Players. You have just 60 minutes to escape. Teamwork, creativity, logic, and attention to detail will be needed to race against the clock. The Epic Escape box comes with 3 escape room essentials Hijack (Hard), Piracy (Intermediate) & Crime (Easy)! With the option for expansion packs in the near future.

Review of Epic Escape Room in a Box

I mentioned recently that I don't read instructions properly, and never has this been more obvious than setting up a "Crime Scene" with Epic Escapes!  The box comes with 3 packets, one for each escape game and one packet of shared components.

Pack options for Epic Escapes Games

When you decided on what game to play, and who is the host, the host then needs to read the booklet, completely, before setting up the room.  Obviously, I didn't, I managed to really mess up the padlocks and got myself in a mess!  As only I could!!  The instructions on how to set the padlocks are on page 2, but the codes you need for those padlocks will be on page 4.

I also had a missing piece, fortunately, it was one I could make myself so wasn't such an issue, but if this happens to you, just email the helpline which is given in the book and the staff, who are super friendly and helpful, will be sent out a replacement, which is why they suggest you set up the room 24 hours before play.

I personally wouldn't do that, I'd suggest checking all the pieces are supplied and getting the locks etc ready in advance, but maybe actually layout the room just before gameplay.

The game itself is great fun.  As the host, I rather enjoyed watching the others trying to figure out the clues, and you don't have to help or give hints, there are hint codes that you can leave out for the players to read through if they get stuck.

We completed Crime, which was the easy level in just over half an hour.  With Piracy, the layout is similar so the players knew what they were looking for, but there are some subtle differences, and the number of postcards did throw the team off.

When the players unlocked a box or book, I took it away and reset them to 0000 ready for when we play the game again, otherwise, I don't know what code is what!  We are looking forward to playing the final and hardest game - Hijack.

Playing Epic Escape Games

The box costs £99, which is a lot of money.  You are getting 3 games in one, and the quality of the game is splendid, but this is really seen as a starter box.  Epic Escape expansion packs are coming soon and I would imagine these add-on kits will be at a much lower price, but these are still in the pipeline at present.

Overall, we had a lot of fun, and when playing with different sets of friends and family, can be enjoyed over and over again.  Escape rooms are definitely here to stay.

Epic Escape Games



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