We love the new Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plushies

The new reversible Cats vs Pickles plushies means you can change your mind as to what team you are on with a spin of a kitty, and what's more, you don't need to feel bad for the Cat or Pickle you didn't choose, as they are just hiding away, waiting to be to chosen again.

Are you Team Cat or Team Pickle

CVP Reversibles are Out Now and available for you to buy from Smyths Toys Stores and The Entertainer.  Pick your favourite pickle and see which cat is hiding inside, and due to the impressive size of this new collection, they fit nicely on your hands, but don't be a silly pickle, remember these are Kittens, not Mittens!

Are you team Cats or team Pickles

I am Team Pickle and my favourites are P.I.B and Groovy Gill, with their bright funky colours, looking all mischievous and ready to scare the cats, how appropriate that the cat hidden inside Groovy Gill is Psychedeli-Kitty!

My son is Team Cat so he took no time at all turning Leaf Pickleson back into Garth.  

Best of all, with these new reversible you are getting 2 cats or 2 pickles and even one of each!  There is so much choice to add to your collection.

Find more fans and friends by joining the UK Offical CVP Group

Are you Team Cat or Team Pickle?


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  1. Aww! These are so cute. Never mind the kids I want one x


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